About Us

About Dave (Daclar)

I’m a retired printing press operator, with the full time job of turning our 4 acres into our home.  The goal is to make it as sustainable as I can.  This will be a slow process.  My interests are homesteading, solar and wind power, and self-sustainability.  My hobbies are Jeeps and model railroading.

About Donna (Daclaren)

I’m a forty-something pharmacy tech, a writer, and a big fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates. I also enjoy nature photography, stargazing, and spending time at Starview and in Cape May County, NJ.

Us at Starview on our 13th wedding anniversary!
Us at Starview on our 13th wedding anniversary!

As a couple, we’ve been married since 2000 and have a rescue dog (Bichon-Poodle mix) and a cat who was found abandoned at Starview when she was just a kitten. Dave has three grown kids and several grandkids.

About Starview Homestead

Starview Homestead is a small, 4-acre property located in south central Pennsylvania.  Established in 2007, it got its name because, on one of the first nights we spent there, we were able to see the Milky Way.  We’d never seen so many stars before in our lives! Circumstances have kept us from renovating the homestead and moving there full-time, but after nearly a decade of ownership, that dream is finally about to come true!

The blog is about what’s going on at Starview, as well as anything else we enjoy.