LED Lights

From February’s post.

All lights now working.  Used Hyperikon T-8, 15 watt, 6,000K frosted LED tubes.  These tubes are awesome, it’s like daylight inside the shop now.  They have a rated lifetime of 45,000 hours.  All 48 tubes worked fine not one bad one.  Others I looked at, reviews stated about getting bad tubes delivered and hassles with returns of defective tubes.  Best part only about $0.11 / hour to run all the lights and should last like 20 years.  Electricity with all fees is $0.16 / kWh (kilowatt hour) in our area.  Fluorescent tubes would cost about $0.24 / hour.  Lifetime savings for using LED tubes come to $5,820.00 if each tube last 45,000 hours.


All lights still working, had a minor altercation with one of the lights.  While working on the front end loader on tractor I raised it up just a little too far.  Hit one of the light fixtures and knocked one of the tubes out of the fixture.  After hitting light and falling 10 feet to concrete floor, I thought that was it for it.

I thought damage to tube was terminal. Took pliers and straightened out housing best I could.  Straightened sheet metal on light fixture and put everything back together.  As you can see the tube lit up – doesn’t look the best but still works.

Very impressed with these LED tubes.  If that would have been a regular fluorescent tube, it would have shattered and I would have had a small haz-mat situation from the mercury in the tube.  Would definitely recommend and buy again. Thanks Hyperikon.

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