February 2017

Finished hanging lights and running wire to light.

Finishing up wiring.
Last one.

All lights now working.  Used Hyperikon T-8, 15 watt, 6,000K frosted LED tubes.  These tubes are awesome, it’s like daylight inside the shop now.  They have a rated lifetime of 45,000 hours.  All 48 tubes worked fine not one bad one.  (Other brands I looked at, reviews stated about getting bad tubes delivered and hassles with returns of defective tubes.)  Best part only about $0.11 / hour to run all the lights and should last like 20 years.  Electricity with all fees is $0.16 / kWh (kilowatt hour) in our area.  Fluorescent tubes would cost about $0.24 / hour.  Lifetime savings for using LED tubes come to $5,820.00 if each tube last 45,000 hours.

South side of shop.
North side of shop.

I got and installed a garage door opener.

Lift Master 8500.
Lift Master 8500 with lock and sensors.
Lift Master 8500 control unit.

The Lift Master 8500 is a jack shaft door opener.  Unit mounts on wall which I like better than having one hanging from ceiling.  Got this from Amazon.  Was fairly easy to install and setup, it is also very quiet.

Used the Harbor Freight 2 ton shop crane to lift my old air compressor out of trailer.  using this one till I decide which air compressor i’m getting for shop.  Then this one will go back to the shed for use there.  Shop crane worked great, little slow to raise up.

2 ton shop crane moving air compressor.

Got some more insulation and plywood up.

Nice warm February day.

23 February 2017.

Extended floor drain.  this will extend past retaining wall when built.

Floor drain.

Installed garage door opener light.

That’s all for now.

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