Winter, Dec. & Jan. 2017

Not a lot happening now, with holidays and being very wet around here.  Good it wasn’t very cold would have had a lot of snow.  Outside work stopped till things dry out some.  Electrician came just before Christmas and got service installed.

Electric service from inside.
Outside of electric service.

We had a non-traditional Christmas dinner, Swordfish with cheese raviolis covered with a butter lemon sauce, and cheddar biscuits.  Came out very good, this was all Donna she does all the good cooking around here.  I did do the cleanup tho.

Non-traditional dinner.

Also had wine with meal that we got while in Cape May, NJ.  Isaac Smith Port from Cape May Winery.

Isaac Smith Port

Talked to contractor about building house for us, waiting on estimate.  No more dumpsters sitting around now.  All cleanup is done except old barn foundation and brush pile.

Penelec hooked up electric on the 6th of January.

Penelec hooking up electric

Started working on the inside wiring, starting with lights. Putting together and rewiring lights for LED bulbs.

Lights, conduit, wire, and other materials for wiring.
Six of 12 lights ready to go.
Down to last light.
Working on putting up lights, got 8 up this day.

That’s all for now. Going to do some product reviews soon.


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