Finishing up insulation on the walls in the shop.

Last pieces cut and ready to go in.
South end of shop.
North end of shop.

Finished plywood by entry door.  Insulated and put wood casing trim around entry door.

Entry to shop.
Closer view.

Haven’t decided yet what I’ll be doing with the rest of the walls as far as wall covering. Or about insulating the ceiling or roof area.  This bay will get a second layer of foam insulation and covered with 3/4″ plywood. this is for the in floor radiant heating system.  On the outside of this wall I’m planning for a rain water catchment system.  It will have a faucet out by driveway to wash off equipment and a deep sink in this bay for hand washing.  This system will also be used to water garden and hopefully green house.

In floor radiant heat.

February 2017

Finished hanging lights and running wire to light.

Finishing up wiring.
Last one.

All lights now working.  Used Hyperikon T-8, 15 watt, 6,000K frosted LED tubes.  These tubes are awesome, it’s like daylight inside the shop now.  They have a rated lifetime of 45,000 hours.  All 48 tubes worked fine not one bad one.  (Other brands I looked at, reviews stated about getting bad tubes delivered and hassles with returns of defective tubes.)  Best part only about $0.11 / hour to run all the lights and should last like 20 years.  Electricity with all fees is $0.16 / kWh (kilowatt hour) in our area.  Fluorescent tubes would cost about $0.24 / hour.  Lifetime savings for using LED tubes come to $5,820.00 if each tube last 45,000 hours.

South side of shop.
North side of shop.

I got and installed a garage door opener.

Lift Master 8500.
Lift Master 8500 with lock and sensors.
Lift Master 8500 control unit.

The Lift Master 8500 is a jack shaft door opener.  Unit mounts on wall which I like better than having one hanging from ceiling.  Got this from Amazon.  Was fairly easy to install and setup, it is also very quiet.

Used the Harbor Freight 2 ton shop crane to lift my old air compressor out of trailer.  using this one till I decide which air compressor i’m getting for shop.  Then this one will go back to the shed for use there.  Shop crane worked great, little slow to raise up.

2 ton shop crane moving air compressor.

Got some more insulation and plywood up.

Nice warm February day.

23 February 2017.

Extended floor drain.  this will extend past retaining wall when built.

Floor drain.

Installed garage door opener light.

That’s all for now.

Winter, Dec. & Jan. 2017

Not a lot happening now, with holidays and being very wet around here.  Good it wasn’t very cold would have had a lot of snow.  Outside work stopped till things dry out some.  Electrician came just before Christmas and got service installed.

Electric service from inside.
Outside of electric service.

We had a non-traditional Christmas dinner, Swordfish with cheese raviolis covered with a butter lemon sauce, and cheddar biscuits.  Came out very good, this was all Donna she does all the good cooking around here.  I did do the cleanup tho.

Non-traditional dinner.

Also had wine with meal that we got while in Cape May, NJ.  Isaac Smith Port from Cape May Winery.

Isaac Smith Port

Talked to contractor about building house for us, waiting on estimate.  No more dumpsters sitting around now.  All cleanup is done except old barn foundation and brush pile.

Penelec hooked up electric on the 6th of January.

Penelec hooking up electric

Started working on the inside wiring, starting with lights. Putting together and rewiring lights for LED bulbs.

Lights, conduit, wire, and other materials for wiring.
Six of 12 lights ready to go.
Down to last light.
Working on putting up lights, got 8 up this day.

That’s all for now. Going to do some product reviews soon.


November 2016

This month we finished cleaning up the old barn and tear down of old summer kitchen.

Coming for the summer kitchen
After tractor pulled building over.

That same day saw a fire up on the mountain.  must have been a controlled burn, never heard anything about it.

Mountain fire November 8th
Backside of summer kitchen.
Summer kitchen gone.
Everything that’s going in dumpsters is gone. This is what is left of the old barn.

Stone foundation still needs to go before house can be built. Have to figure out where to put all the stone. Equipment delivery, Wood Max wood chipper.  More on this later, days are to short and cold right now. This spring I’ll use this to clean up the brush pile. Maybe sooner depending on weather.

Newest piece of equipment arrived. Wood Max wood chipper.


October 2016

Pole barn got finished up early October.

Finished Pole Barn.
Finished Pole Barn.

On the 4th. of October we got to see a blimp fly over the homestead.

Blimp fly over.
Blimp fly over.
Close up of blimp.
Close up of blimp.

The 13th. of October the concrete has cured enough to support vehicles.

Jeep and Tractor in Pole Barn.
Jeep and Tractor in Pole Barn.

Started some work inside pole barn, while waiting on dumpster to clean up old barn.

Second layer of insulation for an R-Value of 19.6 then covered with 3/4" plywood. Electric service and air compressor going in this corner.
Second layer of insulation for an R-Value of 19.6 then covered with 3/4″ plywood. Electric service and air compressor going in this corner.

Dumpster arrived, time to cleanup.  This is first of three so far, will need a forth delivered.

Donna helping.
Donna helping.
Filling up dumpster.
Filling up dumpster.

Cleanup is going good.